04 July 2014

Review: Something Worth Saving by Chelsea Landon

Something Worth Saving by Chelsea Landon


I’ll tell you a story about two people who loved with everything they had and fought for what they believed in despite the world around them. They fought for something worth saving.
The story is something beautiful. It’s a story about me.
My reality, the story I’m telling, is that I share Jace Ryan with the world and he keeps us safe. The warmth of his heart and body, all beautiful, and worth saving.
Some would now venture to wonder, what’s missing then?
And I ask myself that a lot.
But it’s the nights that get me because you see that there? That hesitation? The question where I asked myself what’s missing?
You see everything around us tests our will, our faith, and our ability to tell right from wrong, to believe there’s good when there’s only evil.
To me, it’s a fate among the toughest deciding on its path. It’s the restless sounds at night that I awake to wondering what I’m missing. The ones that crept deep in my bones and reminded me that this story, while still being written, had taken a turn into something darker, a place I never thought we would be.
It was one night, one fate and something tragic destroying something beautiful.
Heavy sheets of smoke curling and rolling together constricting my visions of this life I had.
You see that there?
That wrenching pain in your gut knowing not everything as it seems?
Look closer. That nervous energy you now have, stumbling over words you can’t say, a voice muffled under a mask, a moaning plea to be saved, slurred words on the tip of your tongue, there’s the something tragic.
When I have nothing left to give, nothing left to say, it’s him that brings me back to the moment, in the arms of my firefighter, the warmth of his heart and body, struggling to save his family.

I came in to this book without any expectations and ended up enjoying this story.

It's no secret that I love romances involving already-married couples. In the case of Jace and Aubrey, living together with two kids. They're very committed to each other and their family but like any family, cracks are showing in their relationship.

For one, Aubrey is now doubting Jace's love and commitment since he never really did ask Aubrey to marry him even though she wants to. Jace on the hand, didn't think Aubrey would want marriage considering her unfortunate childhood. This story is very much about Jace and Aubrey's journey as a couple. Jace is a firefighter and I really liked how this story delved into that and how it mirrors Jace and Aubrey's issues.

I also liked that the issues are not all external, although, there are external factors trying to keep them from each other. But it's also more than that. We also get a glimpse of Jace's relationship with his fellow firefighters and Aubrey's circle of friends.

So why not a solid four?

Well, the writing style didn't work for me. If it hadn't been for the compelling story of Jace and Aubrey, I wouldn't be able to finish this book. But the characters hooked me, so I soldiered on and actually ended up enjoying myself.

Rating: 3.5 Stars!

**A complementary copy was provided for this blog in exchange for an honest review.**

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