03 April 2014

Blog Tour: Peasant Princess by A.H. de Carrasco

Book: Peasant Princess  
Series: Teller of Destiny #3 
Author: A.H. de Carrasco  
Genre: Young / New Adult Fantasy  
Tour Organized by: Indie Sage, LLC  
Release: Mid-Late 2014  

SYNOPSIS: “I would do it again.” Lunule placed Raphere’s cold fingers between his hands, to warm them. “A thousand things I would do for your pardon.” Events in Paz Etur have taken an ugly turn. Whispers of conspiracy and censure echo within the city. Recovering from a near-mortal wound, Raphere can do little to shield those she has sworn to protect. As First Scout Otti embarks upon a journey east, to unravel Raphere’s past, Rant finds his own challenges waiting in Paz Ori. The dark deals he made as a mercenary cannot be dismissed, and Dark Lords are not known for patience. Even Tranquia is beginning to have misgivings where Raphere is concerned. As strange plagues spread over the plains, and wolves prowl forever closer to the kingdoms, will Raphere have the strength to calm the ill winds churning from all directions? Will she find her closest ally in the cruelest of princes?


The Fantasy Realms We Nurture for Everyday Coping

Living in the country was really very boring. There were only so many barn walls to scale and barn ladders to jump. Besides reading, daydreaming was a way to cope with everyday monotony. 

As a kid, I had a fantasy world I returned to almost every day. I daydreamed about a magical realm I could access through a large opening in a huge tree. Wooden steps led downward into another level of the earth, where people lived in tree houses, and captured fireflies illuminated their space, and the underground dome-like space was enclosed by dirt walls covered by moss and vines.  

We dressed in fancy, flashy sequined dance tops and leotards (the Ringling  Brothers Circus had influenced me a bit) and of course, we adorned our hair with feathers and painted our nails in vivid colors. We swung on vines from tree to tree. The tallest tree had a real trapeze and a net below with a bed of flowers to tumble on.

Later on my need to plot out a story brought forth characters in my fantasy world, and so a hero emerged as a leader of the group,  a villain rebelled against him , and of course, I imagined that I was the faithful heroine. The plot always had something to do with swinging from that tall tree and dropping into the flowers. Melodrama and Meconopsis. Over the years I've met many people who've had a similar fantasy world to daydream in, which makes me think we all went to Ringling Brothers Circus, or we were mole people in other lifetimes. 

Some of my favorite fantasy locations from books are: the forest outside district twelve from Collins's "The Hunger Games,"  Pippa's Realm from Libba Bray's "Gemma Trilogy," the Land from "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant," and the old cities Shay and Tally explore on their hover-boards in "Uglies, Pretties, Extras, and Specials Series." Do you have any favorite fantasy worlds that you either read about or created in your daydreams? 

--A. H. De Carrasco 

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About the Author: A. H. De Carrasco embarked upon the writer’s journey at a young age, writing illustrated fan fiction for her grade school classmates’ favorite shows. Several decades later, she is publishing her collection of fantasy novels for teenagers and adults. Lately, she writes beside a waterfall as her husband tests his goggles and flippers. Her cats look on in displeasure from the screen door, but purr happily when she writes at her desk.

Teller of Destiny Series

From Continue #1
Princes and Fools #2


  1. My world took place among the upper canopy of the ancient cotton woods of my youth. Their seeds floating on the air, seeking to take root in the hollow where I grew up at. Perhaps we all went to the circus...but never truly left home to experiance it.

    Catherine Russell

  2. I never went to the circus as a child. Perhaps after my older sister, Su was permanently traumatized by the scary animals, mom decided not to risk it with the rest of us kids. My dad worked at the track, so my fantasies revolved more around horse racing. I still have dreams of riding in major races but at my current weight, age and lack of ability, somehow it doesn't seem too likely. *sigh* But at least we can write about our fantasies to keep them alive... Your book sounds enchanting! Best of luck.

  3. I was an only child/only grandchild in the age before cable and computers so I fantasized a lot. Never tried to write it though, it seems too intimidating. I haven't finished the Hunger Games series yet, but Suzanne Collins wrote a middle grade series called The Underland Chronicles that is about a boy Gregor who has to go underground to rescue his little sister. I read it to my kids and we loved it. I love this bookcover, btw, it's beautiful!

  4. My daydreams centered around someone fabulous hearing me sing and making me an overnight sensation. Did I mention I was 13 and couldn't sing. Okay, when I grew up I took voice lessions...no one ever heard. But that's okay. I'm still singing.

  5. I lived in the country too. My fantasies were different each and every day. I built a stage and gave performances with my dolls, reenacted television shows, and lip-synced in numerous bands, That doesn't count all the Swiss Family Robinson style homes a few of us constructed complete with vines! I haven't thought about those nostalgic memories in a long time. :)

    I've put your book on my TBR list!

  6. Narnia, Redwall, and I loved Pretties, Uglies, Specials, & Extras, too. And how about the Hundred Acre Woods? My sister and I used to pretend we were Charlie's Angels. She was always Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith) and I was Chris Monroe (Cheryl Ladd). And we'd play Battlestar Galactica. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your book. It looks wonderful!

  7. What a gorgeous cover. And a beautiful blog! I'll need to start keeping my eyes on both!
    -R.T. Wolfe

  8. Though fantasy is not my top genre to read (or write), your blog and gorgeous cover might convert me! My country upbringing was more about climbing trees and catching tadpoles in the creek. We had rabbits, dogs, cats and a horse to keep us in tune with nature. Thanks for sharing your much more exotic childhood.

  9. Thanks, Nora! I've always wanted to ride a horse. It's on my bucket list. Maybe someday we can crash a dude ranch. :)

  10. I didn't know about The Underland Chronicles, Diana. Added to my reading pile! Thanks!

  11. Hi Kathy! That's wonderful you took singing lessons. If you ever feel like singing in front of friends, I know a couple great Karaoke bars. Never too late! :)

  12. Thanks Susan! Glad my post let you relive some fun childhood memories. BYAM, I wouldn't trade growing up in the country for anything, really ;)

  13. Hi MJ! Thank you for stopping by! Playing Charlies Angels sounds like fun. You made me remember that we used to play the Osmonds and the Jackson Five (do NOT ask who I was--hah!).

  14. Hi RT! I started following this very nice blog via bloglovin. Feels like there's something new everyday. Very honored to be on here!

  15. woohoo, Susan's a convert. :) I wish I had horses and rabbits growing up. Thanks for stopping by.