Review Request Guidelines

I'm currently accepting review requests for the following sub-genres of romance only.

Adult Contemporary

I do not accept personal payments in exchange for my review.  As the author, you may opt to give a copy of your book as a giveaway but please note that this will not in any way influence my review for your book. I do love to keep my readers happy so a giveaway would be appreciated but it is not a requirement.

Honesty is the one policy I will not compromise. I do not enjoy giving less than a three star rating to a book but I will not hesitate to give a two-star or heaven forbid a one-star rating if that's what I really feel the book deserves. Because of that, I would only accept books that I am truly interested in reading based on the blurb or description. I don't think that it's fair to accept a book that I have no interest in reading and then give it a low rating because I didn't like it. So be warned. :)

Please do e-mail me of your intention to have your book be reviewed at least two weeks ahead of its publication date or even longer. I am the sole reviewer of this blog, so I appreciate it if you would consider giving me an ample amount of time to read and write a review for your book.

Please e-mail me at for any additional questions. Include, of course, the title of your book, which genre it belongs to and the blurb. Very important. 

Thank you.

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