14 December 2013

{Review} Anything But Mine by Linda Winfree


Will her need to do the right thing cost them everything? Book Four of the Hearts of the South series. Public Defender Autry Holton, honor-bound to defend an accused serial killer, is in a "shunned if she does, disbarred if she doesn't" position. To complicate matters, she's pregnant and hasn't yet told her ex-lover he's the father. The reason? She's pretty sure he won-t want the baby.

After raising one family and suffering a failed marriage, Sheriff Stanton Reed never believed he was the right man for Autry. Then an attempted break-in at Autry's home highlights the real danger she faces, and all he can think of is protecting her. When she tells him the truth about their baby, the past doesn't matter. He wants both her and their child in his life.

But just as Autry dares to hope there's a future for them, an act of homegrown terrorism shatters her trust and threatens their lives.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, language, violence.


This book...

This book is so jam-packed with action, romance, ANGST and passion that I don't even know where to start. Seriously! This is my favorite book in the series to date!

Anything But Mine is the story of Autry Holton and Stanton Reed. They were casually seeing each other at first until real feeling started to develop between them. Stanton, who happens to be the town sheriff, dumps Autry not knowing she was pregnant.

On top of being dumped and being pregnant, Autry is also dealing with a stalker and the animosity of the whole town when she was picked to defend a serial killer who killed a lot women in their town. Poor girl!

I wanted to hate Stanton but I couldn't. He really thought he was doing the right thing by dumping Autry. He was quite stubborn about it. Of course, I wanted to hit him in the head many times but he redeemed himself in the end. He did right by Autry, too, or so he thinks but he still wouldn't allow himself to be vulnerable around her until tragedy struck.

My jaw dropped to the floor when it happened because I wasn't expecting it. NOT AT ALL. Most plot device would just focus on the main characters in order to make them realize their love/devotion to each other. But what happened in this book was bigger than Autry and Stanton. It did affect them tremendously but boy, it was a tragedy of epic proportions. I won't spoil anything for you because I want you all to read the book but it was...

I had to stop a couple of times during that particular sequence because it was just too much. Linda Winfree did a phenomenal job of describing the hopelessness of the situation. The emotions of everyone involved was just so palpable. It was absolutely brilliant writing.

I swear, this series just keeps getting better and better. Each character is different. They all have issues, they all have flaws, they all make mistakes but those things just made reading this book all the more wonderful!

Rating: 5 Stars!