09 September 2014

{ARC Reviews} Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan

Maybe This Christmas (O'Neil Brothers, #3)Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan
My rating: 4.5 stars


"Uplifting, sexy and warm, Sarah Morgan's O'Neil Brothers series is perfection."—Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

This winter, ex-skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler O'Neil has only one mission—making sure his daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. The fact that his best friend, Brenna, is also temporarily moving into his chalet at the overbooked Snow Crystal resort is a delicious distraction he's simply going to have to ignore. Theirs is the one relationship he's never ruined, and he's not about to start now.

Ski pro Brenna Daniels knows all about the perils of unrequited love—she's been in love with Tyler for years. But living with him is absolute torture…how can she concentrate on being his friend when he's sleeping in the room next door? Then when Tyler kisses Brenna, suddenly the relationship she's always dreamed of feels so close she could almost touch it. Could this be the Christmas her dreams of a happy-ever-after finally come true?
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4.5 'Just my kind of story' Stars!


I know. I know. Friends to lovers trope has been done to death already. Yes, it can get a little predictable. Yes, there are no big plot twists or anything like that. What it does have are great characters, straightforward yet sweet plot, awesome dialogue and chemistry! Maybe This Christmas ticked all the boxes of what makes a sweet romance read for me, so I AM NOT GOING TO COMPLAIN.

Tyler is a forming skiing champion home and helping out with the family business after suffering a career ending injury. Aside from that he also gained custody of his daughter.

Brenna is Tyler's best friend since forever and has been in love with Tyler her whole life. The problem is she never really thought her feelings would be returned until inevitable circumstances pushed the two of them together. Now, Brenna and Tyler are forced to confront their feelings for each other as well as a few secrets along the way.

I simply adored this book. It's no secret that this trope is one of my favorite trope ever. But apart from the trope, I just fell in love with the Brenna and Tyler. Unlike most books with this kind of theme, there was never any doubt in the reader's mind that the two of them have feelings for each other. The only question is when? When is Tyler going to get his head out of his delectable behind and admit his feelings for Brenna.

Tyler never felt more lost after being forced to retire because of his injury. He loves the ice. The loves to ski and he hated not being able to compete. So as much as he has feelings for Brenna, he doesn't feel like he deserved her so he never pursued her.

Brenna on the other hand is used to saying yes all the time to a point where she gets taken advantaged of. And while she loves Tyler, she just couldn't bring herself to make the move.

Part of what I enjoyed about this book is watching Brenna and Tyler slowly but surely come to terms with their feelings for each other. There were a few angsty moments but other than that, this was a fun and romantic read.

All of the previous MCs of the other books in the series all made an appearance and Vermont in winter was the perfect backdrop for Brenna and Tyler's story. The ending was sweet and oh so satisfying because not only did the guy get the girl and vice versa, Brenna learned to be assertive and Tyler gained a new insight on his life.

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