13 February 2014

Review: Behind the Pitch by Eden Butler

Behind the Pitch - A Novella by Eden Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.7 Declan stars!

This is a companion novel to Chasing Serenity and not meant to be read as a standalone.

Chasing Serenity was one of my surprise reads last year. I loved both Declan and Autumn. And although Chasing Serenity is a complete story, nevertheless, it's still exciting to be in Declan's head.

Declan Fraser is an Irish transplant recruited to play rugby in Autumn's college. He's brash, gorgeous with a to-die-for accent that had me swooning from the get go. But there's more to Declan than meets the eye. His childhood, his life is Ireland, his relationship with his mum, his stepdad shaped and affected his decisions later in life, especially his relationship with Autumn.

While Behind the Pitch offers a very few new material, it's still worth the read for me. It's worth it because I got to know exactly how deep Declan fell for Autumn and how hard he fought for her. The mistakes he made and the realizations he came up with during their separation made him a more sympathetic character.

This is definitely a must-read for fans the series, and Declan, of course!!

ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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