20 June 2014

Author Interview: Jay McLean

Hey, my lovelies. Last October 4, 2013, I read this book by this new author and loved it. The title of that book is called More Than This and that author is Jay McLean. After my initial experience with More Than This, I said to myself that I will read anything from this author. Anything. So I did.

I've loved everything Jay McLean has written so far. From More Than This to More Than Her and then More Than Her, this lady broke my heart and put it back together again with each of her stories. So it's really an honor for me to have Jay answer some of my questions about her More Series.

^^Jay McLean^^
EARBB: What's the best thing about being an author?
JayMac: Going to work unshowered and in my pajamas!

EARBB:  I know you've been to a lot of book signings and met a lot of fans
of this series, what do you most love about these events, aside from
the fans? :)

JayMac:  I've only been to one signing, and that was here in Queensland, Australia. It was the first one of it's type in Australia, so it was very overwhelming, but completely awesome!

EARBB: Are we going to see more books from this series or are you going to
close this out with Cam and Lucy's story.

JayMac: It's secret! You'll see when you read More Than Forever.

EARBB:  If The More Series were to be turn into a movie or a miniseries,
who do you want to play Jake and Mikayla, Logan and Amanda, Cam and Lucy?

JayMac:  That's actually really tough. I try not to imagine my characters too much in my head. Just like I don't like to describe them in detail. I think it's important for the readers to be able to make up their own minds about them. There's nothing I hate more than when I'm reading a book and falling for the hero, only for their physical description to be overdone, and then all of a sudden, they're just not attractive to me. LOL.

The interview is a short one and if you want more info on Jay McLean, you can visit her WEBSITE or stalk her on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Better yet, you can subscribe to her NEWSLETTER for exclusive content, news, teasers, giveaway and more!


Coming Soon on July 12th!!


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