30 July 2013

Review: Ablaze by Morgana Black


Fireside Series Vol. 1

Cheyenne is planning the perfect weekend with her partner to be Collin. But when the weather turns ugly she finds herself trapped in a cabin with dangerously attractive Luke, one of her father’s ranch hands. When the power goes out Luke and Cheyenne make the decision to keep each other warm, in more ways than one.

My Review

3 Blazing Stars!

I enjoyed this novella a lot. A lot. The only problem is that it was way too short and was over way too soon. I wanted more of Luke and Cheyenne. And that ending? Ugh! When is book two coming out? I need it like yesterday.

Putting the ending side, this was a wonderful teaser though. I say teaser because in this book, we only get a glimpse of Cheyenne and Luke's character. Cheyenne is an okay character for me. I know she's a rich girl whose life was pretty much mapped for her already. She did what was expected of her. One of them was to marry a guy befitting her status in society, in other words, a guy that her daddy approves.

Luke is the mysterious ranch hand who came to work for Cheyenne's family. He came to work for them under such unbelievable circumstances that I don't quite know what to think of it yet. But Luke is definitely mysterious and I felt like there is more to him that he's letting on.

The other guy mentioned in the book was Collin, Cheyenne's almost boyfriend. I don't want him to be a total douche but abandoning your almost girlfriend in the middle of a blizzard without informing anyone was just unacceptable. But I am interested in finding out more about him.

Overall, a good way to start a series. I'll definitely look forward to the second installment. What can I say? I'm hooked. ♥♥

*A copy of the book is provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

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