28 June 2013

Broken At Love (Whitman University #1) Lyla Payne

Broken at Love (Whitman University, #1)

4.5 stars!!

This book reminded me a little of "Cruel Intentions." Remember that movie? This one had sort of a similar idea except that I'm pretty sure Quinn Rowland is hotter than Ryan Phillipe and Emilie Swanson is way sassier than Reese Witherspoon. I was in the mood for some angst and I got it! I totally devoured this whole book.

But enough of that. This book takes cruel into a whole new level, and Quinn Rowland is set up to the kind of guy your mother warned you to stay away from. He was handsome, rich, spoiled and is used to getting what he wants. I probably would have hated him if it hadn't been for his half-brother, Sebastian, who bought new meaning the word sleazeball or slimeball. What a twisted little f*ckr.

After Quinn got injured and had to dropped out of the tennis circuit, he was promptly dumped by his Russian tennis champ girlfriend. As a form of revenge, Sebastian and Quinn made this twisted little game of getting women falling hard for Tristan before he unceremoniously dumps them. The operative word is unceremoniously and it wasn't pretty. He was downright cruel to them. Quinn has never lost the game before until Emilie.

Emilie was a target of this cruel game but surprise, surprise, she didn't fall for it. I loved the way she stood up to him. And she did it with class and sense of humor, her witty comebacks to Quinn's innuendo had me cracking up like a loon.

Quinn hadn’t moved; I turned back and found him staring at me with a baffled expression. “What? Does that crap about you not being like everyone thinks usually work? Girls just start ripping their clothes off?”
When he didn’t answer, my smile dropped away. “Holy shit, it does.”
“Never mind,” Quinn snapped. “Let’s go find your friend.”
He brushed past me, looking as beautiful as ever framed in the doorway. His expectation had pissed me off a little, and I wasn’t ready to let him off the hook. He seriously thought I was going to sleep with him.I crossed to the bed, leaning toward the wall and running my hand over the hidden side of the headboard.
“What are you doing?”
“Looking for notches.”

She was honest about her attraction to Quinn too. But that doesn’t mean that she was going to fall on her knees in front of him in gratitude because he happens to be paying attention to her.

“Of course I’m attracted to you—I’m alive, aren’t I? I haven’t had my hormones surgically removed, and Jesus, have you looked in a mirror?” I paused, his genuine disbelief grating my pride. Like he figured a girl like me would jump at the chance. “Honestly, have you ever heard the word ‘no’?”

I loved her candor and honesty. And as Quinn's behavior became more and more erratic and asshole-y, she took it head-on. Yes, folks, you heard it right. We actually have a very likable and non-annoying, mature heroine in these pages!! Gasp! And this is NA, too.

She saved this book for me, which is rare because most romance books tend to be hero-centric. Quinn did some really, really shitty things but he also did some really sweet things to and with Emilie. And while I understood why he had to participate in Sebastian's twisted game, there were times when I just wanted him to give it all up. I loved that moment when Emilie called him on it. Loved that scene. But no worries though, Quinn totally redeemed himself in a big way near the end. It took him a long time but he got there.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next book in the series, which going to be Emilie's BFF, Ruby's book. This is definitely recommended for NA lovers out there who won't mind all the angst and drama.




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