28 May 2013

Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

Trophy Husband

4 sweet stars!!

This is the kind of books that led me to read the genre in the first place. This was another sweet and fun read from Lauren Blakely. I loved that this book wasn't just about a romance between the two main characters, it was also about friendship, forgiveness and letting go.

Mckenna seemingly perfect life was turned upside down when her fiance dumped her for someone younger whom he met during his bachelor's party. Heartbroken, Mckenna tried to pick up the pieces together and a year after, she was content. Her fashion blog is flourishing, she had great friends but deep inside she longs for something else.

After a chance meeting with her ex-fiance and his new wife, Mckenna resolved to find herself a man. No, strike that a boy toy. A kept man. A trophy husband. But of course, like most best laid plans, this one didn't quite pan out as expected.

From Dave Dybdahl to Steely Dan Duran (LoL!), Mckenna set out to find herself a trophy husband with hilarious results. An unexpected help came from Chris, a gamer who runs his video blog. Chris is handsome, gallant and yes, a geek! The attraction was there but alas, Chris is not Trophy Husband material. For one, he is older than Mckenna (TH is supposed to be younger) and he has a successful business.

So while Chris was "helping" her find her trophy husband, the attraction between grew until Mckenna had to make a decision to let go of her search and allow herself to fall for Chris.

I really liked the slow build up to their romance. It wasn't rushed. They started out as friends and it grew from there. Chris was a lovable character. I mean, come on! He is a geek who surfs and is super hot! What's not to love. But he is also very sweet!

I also liked the secondary characters especially Mckenna's sister Julia. Hmm, I wonder if we'll get to read her story too. Overall, a very solid read from Lauren Blakely.

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