17 April 2013

The Davina Code


It's always annoying when romance gets in the way of your life goals. And falling in lust with Jack Miller is definitely getting in the way of Davina's plans. Davina has a movie to make and an acting career to resurrect - okay, so it was never alive in the first place, but that's not the point. The point is: she's hitting thirty and she wants to be famous. And if that means making an indie movie with "borrowed" film equipment and shooting the movie in Jack's house without permission - then so be it.

She's a woman on a mission and nothing is going to stop her from achieving her dream. Not even her sexy, ex-cop, landlord who is pretty focused himself. Unfortunately his goals revolve around evicting her from his house, putting her in jail and getting her into bed - and he doesn't seem to mind what happens first.

 My Review

This turned out to be a surprising read for me. This book is actually a cross between chick-lit and romance with a healthy dose of humor thrown in. It actually read more like a romantic comedy, which I really liked.

I loved both Jack Miller and Davina Davenport. Jack Miller was an ex-cop who inherited his Aunt Millie's house. Unfortunately for Jack, he also inherited a tenant, Davina Davenport.

Jack Miller is hot, rude, obnoxious, a little bit chauvinistic but totally funny. Haha! Some of the things that came out of his mouth were so appalling sometimes but still so funny. Seriously, this guy was a hoot. I wasn't sure about him at first but he grew on me and I found him to be a really endearing character. 

Now his tenant, Davina is struggling, out-of-work actress (emphasis on struggling and out of work), who is trying to resurrect her acting career. Her "brilliant" plan of course was to shoot her own movie by "borrowing" some equipment from her work -- she works in a television show, by the way.

Of course, none goes according to plan especially when Mr. Ex-cop got it in his head that Davina might be doing something illegal, which she was. But the things that Jack did in order to catch his crazy tenant red-handed was downright hilarious. Add to the mix, Davina's straitlaced, accountant best friend, her under-aged crew, her creepy camera man with a penchant for bleach and tight pants, then you will get one heck of crazy fun story.

This is by no means a perfect book in terms of editing and all that stuff, but I can forgive most of it because in the end I did have fun and I did enjoy the story. :D

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