31 March 2013

{Review} Undressed by Avery Aster

The Blurb

Milan’s notorious playboy, Massimo Tittoni, seems to have everything–Lamborghinis, exotic women, palaces throughout Europe and business success. Ramping up his fabric company to go global with a new apparel brand, he ruthlessly stops supplying fabrics to the American client who inspired the collection. But once they meet, what’s he willing to give to get her in his bed?

Upper East Side designer Lex Easton will be damned if she’ll let an Italian stud muffin knock her down. So what if she named her favorite vibrator after him. With Fashion Week approaching, she’ll do whatever it takes to secure the fabrics she needs to become the next Diane von Furstenburg– even sleep with her rival. But when she arrives in Europe the paparazzi chronicles her every move and she finds herself in a situation never imagined. Lex’s Louboutins stilettos are dug in deep to win this war. All’s fair in love and fashion!

Avery Aster’s super-glossy debut novel is loaded with passionate escapism, pitting American ambition against Italian tradition. Erotic romance fans who appreciate extended sex scenes, witty banter and glamour mustn’t miss Undressed.

Inside Scoop: Though the hero and heroine remain monogamous, their Prada-wearing friends indulge in a ménage a trois and other fashionable sexual fun and games

My Review

4 Outrageously Sexy Stars!!

First off, I will say that this book was a real surprise for me. This was marketed as erotic romance, and while it is indeed graphic -- with a token menage a trois thrown in for good measure -- there are actually fewer sex scenes in this book compared to your standard erotic novel.

The second thing that was a surprise to me was the humor. It's brash, in-your-face and yes, often crude brand of humor, which not everyone might appreciate. If you're the type to get offended by this type of humor, then this book might not be for you.

That said, I really enjoyed this book. It has a lot of laugh-out-loud and "Oh no, she-did-not-just-say-that," moments throughout the book. The banter between the main characters, Lex, a fashion designer and Masi, a prince and CEO of a large Italian textile company, are fun to read and their romance was actually very sweet. Both are well developed and I was happy that the author did provide us with a believable back story of Lex and Masi. The ending was a bit cheesy for my taste but I think it worked out well.

I will say that this book is not for everybody. If you're looking for something dark and has a lot of angst, this book isn't for you. This book is escapism in its purest form. So if you're looking to slip into another world where it's full glitz and full of fashionable and beautiful people, then you would really enjoy this book. I know, I did.

*This ARC was provided by Avery Aster through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I'm glad you were able to laugh. Humor in erotica romance is hard to find and I feel strongly that we should laugh about sex as much as we can. You also picked up on my favorite subgenre of all...escapism. Thank you Geri! Please follow me on Twitter if you can and I'll alert you when the second book, Unscrupulous, is on it's way.

    1. Thank you, Avery. I very much enjoyed reading your book. Can't wait for the next one!!