21 March 2013

I've been re-reading Beautiful Disaster by Jaime McGuire in preparation for Walking Disaster, which I promised to post my review very soon. So while I'm doing that, let me give post a review of one my favorite books by one of my favorite authors, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Hope you enjoy!!

Kiss an Angel 

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Kiss an Angel is one of those novels that grabs at your heart and makes you cry sad tears, happy tears, angry tears and everything in between. Seriously, SEP weaved another emotional and powerful love story with this one.

At the center of the story is Daisy Devreaux. Sweet, loving, kind Daisy. Branded as flighty and scatterbrained by his father, Daisy was forced into a marriage of convenience with Alex Markov by her father. Her husband was cold and unfeeling brute who, like Daisy's father, treated her like a spoiled selfish brat. But Daisy is far from being spoiled or selfish, and this is where SEP created her magic.

Daisy, with her big heart set out to thaw and eventually won her husband's cold heart. Alex, despite being adamant that he could never and would never love Daisy was powerless against Daisy's courage and resolve. Honestly, almost halfway through the book I wanted to hit him in the head for his stupidity, but then of course, I remembered he's just a fictional character so I just threw a little bit of tantrum -- a little bit. He was so screwed up by his childhood that he did everything to push Daisy away. And he succeeded. He managed to push Daisy away. The irony of it was the moron (yup, that's what he was!) was already so deeply in love with his wife, it's not even funny, that he was destroyed with the agony of losing her. Ha! He deserved every bit of pain and humiliation for what he did to Daisy and more! Hmph! Sorry, got carried away there. Where was I? Oh, right. At towards end though, Alex redeemed himself and I was crying happy tears when they finally got their HEA!

For those of you who are familiar with SEP's style, you would probably guess by now that SEP's books always has a secondary story running alongside the main story. In Kiss of Angel, we see Brady and Sheba's story. I won't go into their story anymore but like most of SEP's novels, this one had plenty of secondary characters to kept things interesting. And oh, part of the cast of characters were an old Siberian tiger, a cute baby elephant, a llama, and a gentle gorilla -- and oh, I almost forgot, a long-lost Romanov. I can't say anymore. Just to read the book!

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